Born: 17. August 2015

  Available: 1 sable male


 We are expecting puppies suited for any type of working home. Be it SAR, Police, IPO,
 French Ring, etc.

 3 males and 3 females born. Black and Tan, Bi-color and 1 black sable (male).

 These puppies are excellent eaters and are already chasing the lure at 6 weeks old.
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SG, SchH3, IPO 3, Hip+Elbows normal, ZW 82

SG, IPO 3, ZVV1, Hips+Elbows normal, DM clear

Coudy z udoli upy

Quin vom Donau-Ries

Past Litter!

SG, IPO1, Normal Hips and Elbows, DM clear

SG, IPO 3, Normal Hips and Elbows, 2015 BSP Competitor (98 in Protection)!

Jorka vom Donau-Ries

Cidman vom Wolfsdreieck

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  Born: 13. April 2016


  5 males/ 2 females 

There are so many reasons why a puppy from this litter might be right for you!
​We flew to Tennessee to meet this handsome fella and knew right then we had       made the right decision to use Cidman for Jorka's last litter!

​Jorka has consistently produced excellent tempered puppies who are not only perfect pets, but can also work! Her puppies LOVE to work in sports like Agility and Schutzhund! She produces fast dogs with full and hard grips. Most importantly, they are healthy; no health problems like hip or elbow dysplasia, or allergies.
​Cidman is an absolute perfect addition to our breeding program! Happy, outgoing, friendly and social but a machine on the Schutzhund field! Flashy, fast, hard hitting, full gripping and high scoring! An absolute WOW!-kind of dog to watch!

Current Litter!

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