We currently have several older puppies for sale ranging between 5 - 10months of age. Contact us for pictures and more informations.

DOB: 27. September 2016
Sire: Fido von der Hagenmuehle
Dam: Quin vom Donau-Ries

Banks is a medium/high energy dog with excellent food and  pray drive. Over the top play drive, looking to connect with his handler. Though this dog would make a great active pet, he would excel in a working home.

He will be a powerful male with nice bone and head.  His color is a nice rare black and brown; hard to find! Banks has correct structure and will also do well in the show ring. A good dog for Schutzhund or other competitive sports.
Banks is crate trained and has lived in the house. He is also current on all worming and vaccines.

Sire: https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/962480/Fido-von-der-Hagenm%C3%BChle

Dam: https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/2723002/Quin-vom-Donau-Ries

Banks has good hips and elbow at 12months old

$4000 + shipping

Banks vom Donau-Ries

Yikes vom Donau-Ries


Aero vom Donau-Ries

DOB: 17. August 2015
Sire: Coudy z Udoli Upy

Dam: Quin vom Donau-Ries

Yikes is a large sable male under 1 year old.
He is easy to live with and will be best suited in an active family home as a family protection dog and companion.

Hips + Elbows: n/a

DM: Clear by parentage

Yikes is crate trained, rides quietly in the car, current on all worming and vaccines.

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$2500 + shipping


Quality German Sherpherds since 2002

DOB: 13. April 2016
Sire: Cidman vom Wolfsdreieck
Dam: Jorka vom Donau-Ries

Aero is a med/high energy puppy with lots of food drive, ball drive, and aggression. This dog is best suited for an active household with some experience with dogs.

He is a black and tan male with a large body and head. This dog is a very even mannered dog who will do great in any family. He will also be perfect for a Schutzhund or other type of working home as he has balanced drives and an excellent full and hard grip.

Aero has good hips and elbows!

Sire: https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/527562/Cidman-vom-Wolfsdreieck

$3500 + shipping